Precinct Leader Power! The Guide

Precinct Leader (“PCP”), volunteer, or considering getting involved. Find the how-to’s and why-to’s in the guide at the link here. (It’s an evolving document.)

Additional Resources

These resources have been recommended by people who live in HD38. Many of these groups have websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts; we list one primary link here and encourage you to communicate via your favorite means. Please suggest any additional resources through our contact page. Thank you!

Political Groups and Information


AHD38 Politics 101
Blog: HD38 Since the Re-Org
Rights of Protesters
Live Audio and Video from Colorado Legislative Chambers
Track Legislation and Bills
Politico Daily Playbook

Local Democrats

Arapahoe County Democrats
Colorado Democratic Party
Arapahoe Young Democrats
Colorado General Assembly
Colorado HD41 Democrats

National Democrats/Other 

Democratic Party, National
Precinct Organizing Project

Activism and Advocacy

Local Groups

Denver Area Activism Events List

Indivisible Colorado 6
Indivisible: Centennial, West Arapahoe County
South Metro Denver CAN! (Colorado Action Network)
Resist: Littleton Meetup Group
Colorado Progressives in Action
Women’s March Huddles
ProgressNow Colorado (lists suggested weekly actions)
Food and Water Watch Colorado
ACLU of Colorado
ADL of Colorado
Planned Parenthood Colorado

National Groups

Food & Water Watch
ACLU PeoplePower/Take Action
Women for Peace (suggested daily actions)
United to Protect Democracy
Black Lives Matter
Anti-defamation League
Southern Poverty Law Center
Refugee Council, USA
Planned Parenthood
National Endowment for the Arts
Refugee Council, USA
People for the American Way


Roundup: Charities to Help Refugees
Roundup: Another Extensive List of Ways to Help/Activism Organizations. In article, and more worthy groups in comments.

Podcasts and Social Media


Indivisible – public radio’s national conversation about America in a time of change.
Rachel Maddow Show – Listen to or watch the latest episode.
Pod Save America – Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor talk politics
Pod Save the World – Obama NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor’s podcast about foreign policy
With Friends Like These – Ana Marie Cox’s podcast about what divides us
538 Politics
Still Processing from The New York Times
Political Gabfest from Slate

Social Media

SnapChat/ Good Luck America with Peter Hamby

Apps – Free. Clear summaries of upcoming and active legislation. Direct links to lawmakers. – Free. Receive one text message every workday about key local issue, with active link to call relevant elected official.

Colorado Representatives

HD38 Officers 
Our Elected Officials

Recommended Reading

Indivisible Guide