We understand that politics is a nebulous concept that most people don’t want to think about. One of our main goals at House District 38 is to explain everything in an easy to understand way.

Party Structure
The first and arguably most important part of the Democratic Party is the PRECINCT.

A precinct is an area of 1000 registered voters (no matter what party). In most cases your precinct is your neighborhood. It’s the people you see everyday, the people your kids go to school with.

Each precinct is run by one or two Precinct Committee Person(s) (PCP). PCP’s are the first rung of official members of the Democratic Party. It’s the PCP’s that know their neighbors best and therefore can make the biggest difference with them.

Quiz Time: What precinct do you live in? If you don’t know you can check here.

You don’t have to remember the entire number. As long as you know the last 3 digits you know your precinct.

Colorado House District 38 is made up of 67 precincts. You can see the map of precincts here.