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The last mile

We’ve all worked so hard and (thank goodness) election day is almost here.

Your help this week will make all the difference!

Here’s How We Win:

1. Contact a campaign right now and tell them you can help! You can knock on some doors, phone targeted voters, or help in other ways.

2. Text people to vote. The Hustle texting app makes it easy to send personalized reminder texts to voters in your area. You can even do this in front of the television! To get set up, send email to and include your own mobile phone number.

3. Put your name in now to protect the vote on election day. Become an Election Watcher. It’s critical work, and the party needs to hear from you ahead of time so they can put you on the official list. (There’s a history of Republicans trying to discourage in-person voting at certain polling locations. Don’t let them get away with it this time.)

4. Make sure all your friends vote with this simple tool that’s also a game. Go to and click on the square for either the Phil Weiser campaign or the Colorado Democrats.

5. Tell EVERYONE to VOTE DEM FROM THE BOTTOM UP! Don’t skip any race! The power to change things starts locally.

6. Remind people about the ballot initiatives! Recommendations:

ballot initiatives

Follow the Money!

Don’t miss July’s monthly meeting–Caroline Fry of Colorado Common Cause will teach us how to Follow the Money! in Colorado Politics.  Details here:

2018 Legislative Session Ends

Image from Colorado Independent:

A wrap-up from Morgan Carroll, Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, below. In addition, in the last hours the state legislature approved a plan aimed at stabilizing the teacher retirement pension, and reauthorized the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

We are lucky in Colorado; our bipartisan state legislature manages to do good work. But so many good efforts are nonetheless blocked or forced into last-minute compromises by far right Republicans. 2018 elections are critical to make real, lasting change! We must get out the vote and focus on these local elections; that’s our work for the foreseeable future.

From Morgan Carroll’s Newsletter

The 2018 legislative session ended yesterday. Thanks to the hard work of Governor Hickenlooper and Democratic legislators, we scored some major accomplishments, including a bipartisan compromise to fund job-creating infrastructure projects, funding to cover the reduced cost of lunch for students, investments in rural broadband, expanding the child care tax credit, and putting a bipartisan redistricting reform package on the ballot.

But far too often, Republicans in the State Senate used their razor-thin one-seat majority to kill scores of good Democratic bills like a bump stock ban, a red flag bill to prevent gun violence, legislation to stop prescription drug price-gouging, and a ban on conversion therapy. Not to mention the Senate GOP’s refusal to expel GOP sexual harasser Randy Baumgardner.

We know that our state is capable of so much more. But it’s hard to tackle big issues with one GOP-controlled chamber putting the special interests ahead of Coloradans.

This next election is critical. If we want to make sure that everyone in Colorado has the opportunity to succeed and make sure everyone is benefiting from our state’s economic success, we need to elect a Democratic governor to succeed Hickenlooper, and we need to flip the State Senate.

We can only do it because of support like yours. Let’s multiply it. Will you forward this email to friends and loved ones that support Democratic values? (Here’s a signup link, a donation link, and/or a volunteer link for them.)

Thank you for all you do.

In solidarity,

Morgan Carroll
Chair, Colorado Democrats

Blue Wave Kickoff Party 2018

Thank you to all who came out and participated in the PCP Blue Wave Kickoff Party at Varsity Inn.  Not sure how many folks we had in attendance, but all the seats were full!

The 2 hour event included a fun ice breaker, Beckman Fact or Fiction, Corruption Junction Trivia, a few words by HD38 Rep Candidate Chris Kolker, and of course pizza and beer!

We even managed to raise a little money for the County!

A huge thanks to Varsity Inn for letting us hold the event there!  Hope we can do it again sometime soon.

Blue Wave Kickoff Party 2018

Caucus Results

Did You Know? Beckman Voted No…

As we enter 2018 with full force, think about this for a second: Recently, Douglas County Police Officers arrived on scene at an apartment complex just outside of HD 38 (it may actually be within the district) in response to a disturbance call. The suspect was heavily armed and intended to ambush the officers. What transpired is truly horrific, resulting in the death of Officer Zack Parrish. Four other officers were shot. According to accounts, one of the officers was shot trying to pull Officer Parrish out of the gunfire. Due to the amount of blood loss from both officers, he was not able to get enough grip on Officer Parrish to pull him to safety. Can you imagine the mental anguish that the officer must be experiencing? Feeling of shame, guilt, or taking blame?

Then ask yourself this, why in any world, regardless of political position, would a legislator vote NO on Mental Health Support for Peace Officers?

Beckman voted NO! The below bill passed the House 51-8, the Senate 27-8, and became law. What reason would she have to vote no?

Again, WHY!! There is literally no reason to not support this bill.

Bill HB17-1215 encourages each sheriff’s office and each municipal police department to adopt a policy whereby mental health professionals provide: On-scene response services to support officers’ handling of persons with mental health disorders; and Counseling services to officers. The bill creates the peace officers mental health support grant program to provide grants of money to county sheriffs’ offices and municipal police departments to help them engage mental health professionals. Each sheriff’s office and each municipal police department is encouraged to apply annually for a grant from the grant program. The bill creates the peace officers mental health support fund, which consists of gifts, grants, and donations and any other money that the general assembly may appropriate or transfer to the fund. The grant program repeals September 1, 2027. The bill passed the House 51-8.

Beckman voted NO


Research Credit: Robert Bowen Municipal Election Propaganda

Recently I received an unusual email from a newsletter that typically shares local events, like fireworks and ballroom dancing lessons.

This time, it shared just one thing: a reprint of Republican Colorado HD38 Representative Susan Beckman’s call to visit, which, she said, was a nonpartisan site created with “one purpose in mind: to let you know who the good guys are.”

The site copy claims it is nonpartisan, and that it was developed through “grassroots” research and “crowdsourcing.”

But a Google search for the site shows this site description: “If you’re a Republican, a conservative, or a person who cares about school choice, find out who to vote for on your 2017 ballot here.” Google posted the hidden description—this copy isn’t anywhere on the site itself or in its promotion.

This Trump/DeVos candidate-supporting site is being shared as “nonpartisan” just as last-minute ballots are being filled out.

BE AWARE and SPREAD THE WORD! Find trustworthy candidate info here: and here:

Documentation here:

  • Susan Beckman email
  • Google search
  • Home page of the site
  • Tea Party “principles” page (Notice the discrepancy between how it describes its principles, and what they actually say.)
  • List of recommended candidates and affiliations
  • Research on two school board races


Video: Candidates who hope to defeat Mike Coffman go head to head in forum

cd6 candidate forumCurious about the candidates vying to run against CD6 Congressman Mike Coffman? Look no further! See the live stream of the  frank and illuminating two-hour discussion among all three that took place in a SRO crowd October 9th, 2017.  Candidates David Aarestad, Jason Crow and Levi Tillemann clarified their positions on the issues that matter most to our community, animatedly answered questions about the economy, health care, gun safety, immigrant rights, education, renewable energy and how to strengthen democracy.

live stream CD6 Candidate forum

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