Here  are the candidates running for House District 38 seats at the Arapahoe County Democrats Reorganization Meeting on February 13th, 2017 at Grandview High School in Aurora. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Brian McKeown Hello House District 38 Captains and Precinct Committee Persons. My name is Brian McKeown and I am writing you to introduce myself and announce my candidacy for the Chair position for HD38.

A little about myself. I graduated from the University of Denver in 2012 with a major in Political Science and a double minor History and International Studies. I recently purchased my first home in precinct 187 just south of Arapahoe High School. I am the father of wonderful twins. Furthermore, I am currently employed with Douglas County in the Assessor’s Office as an appraiser.

I am running for the HD38 Chair position because I have a vision for what HD38 can become for Democrats.

First, communication. I believe in having an open and constructive dialogue with precinct captains who will in turn have clear objectives and goals for PCP’s to carry out. Furthermore, we need expand our website and effectively utilize social media to engage and energize our electorate.

Second, support. I believe our house district will only be as strong as our leadership. Leadership does not only set goals and expect people to carry them out. They support their captains and PCP’s and supply them the means to succeed.

Third, structure. I believe in order to be a strong organization we need to have consistency. We need to have regular meetings to develop and execute strategy.

The main goal for us is to nominate a strong Democratic candidate for HD38 and replace Susan Beckman as our state house representative. Additionally, we need to do the same and get Representative Mike Coffman out of office.

In closing, as your chair I will dedicate time, pound the pavement with you, and fight for Democratic support and votes. Together we can shock the establishment and win in 2018 and beyond!

Brian McKeown

Vorry Moon  Dear Democrats of House District 38:I am writing to you to ask for your vote to elect me Chair of House District 38.  As a constituent of HD 38 and active in the politics of this county and state I am volunteering to serve in the position of Chair for HD 38.

I am a life-long Democrat, an Honorably retired US Air Force Officer, former City of Centennial City Council Member (10 ½ years), former Chair House District 37 (before redistricting), and I have time now to serve as Chair.  I fully intend to work more with the district, county and state whether I am elected or not.

If you see fit to elect me for this office I will work as hard as humanly possible for our district and party.  Some items and activities I would like to see and will work toward include:

  • Implement quarterly strategy planning sessions with officers, Group Captains, PCPs and volunteer members.
  • Develop a candidate identification and development/mentoring program for local (municipalities), county, state and national campaigns.
  • Find, recruit and encourage party “newbies” to participate and assume district roles as appropriate
  • Update our digital records and organizational structure in the district.

The Chair of the organization shall preside at all meetings of the organization. The Chair shall appoint all special committees and the Chairman of each standing Committee unless otherwise provided or directed. The Chair shall be ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. The Chair shall be thoroughly familiar with the organization’s bylaws and the rules of parliamentary law and procedures. The Chair shall obey all lawful orders of the body and enforce due observance of the same by the membership.  The Chair shall make no motions or amendments, nor vote on any question or motion, unless the voting membership is equally divided, then the Chair may elect to vote.  The Chair shall render a report at an annual meeting of progress made toward accomplishment of the organization’s objectives during the term of office.

Again I ask for your vote to serve as HD 38 Chair.

Fair skies and tailwinds,


Vorry C. Moon

Lt. Colonel, USAF, Retired

1st Vice Chair
Chris Puder My name is Chris Puder and I am running for 1st Vice Chair of Colorado House District 38.  My wife and I recently bought a home in Littleton after moving to Colorado from Washington DC.  We are both originally from Southern California, so feel very at home in Colorado.

Professionally, I work as an investigator for a money services business where I focus on counter-terror finance and money laundering investigations. Much of my work is in coordination with Law Enforcement agencies to assist in investigations of criminal and illicit activity.

I attended graduate school at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, where I earned an M.A. degree in International Policy Studies, concentrating in Security and Development, as well a minor in Arabic.  I have an M.A. and B.A. in Middle East History from California State University, Long Beach.

I have worked with several issue-based organizations in the US and abroad; including Human Rights Watch, International Relief and Development, and Transitions Foundation in Guatemala (a gun violence reduction and survivor assistance organization).  In these roles, I have planned events, organized fundraising initiatives, conducted outreach, worked with parliamentarian advocates, and implemented monitoring and evaluation programs.

If elected, I pledge to assist the Chair in their duties, develop a high-quality, informative, and functional presence by HD38 Democrats, including the use of technology, social media, and networking, to ensure that HD38 receives adequate support from the county and our elected officials.

I will actively engage all of our PCPs, volunteers, and members to ensure that HD38 receives the attention it deserves, aim toward 100% of all HD38 registered Democrats to vote in the mid-term elections, and make every possible effort to turn HD38 blue in 2018.

I am asking for your vote at the Re-Org meeting on February 13, 2017!

Cliff Heller Born and raised in a family of Republicans in Pennsylvania, Studied Mechanical Engineering at Lehigh University, and moved west in 1976. My career was largely in technical sales of power generation systems until I started my recruiting firm, Piñon Resources, in 2004. Joined the Democratic Party in 2002, and volunteered in the Kerry, Obama, and Hillary Clinton campaigns.Hobbies: Biking and skiing, rescuing fox terriers, and learning foreign languages. I get my news from The New York Times, The Economist, Handelsblad, and the New Yorker.

My HD38 Vision: Remembering that we’re a volunteer organization, my vision for the district starts with Bottom up organizing: PCP’s contacting every Democrat in their precinct and making sure our information about them is correct, learning what their top issues are, and their commitment to involvement. It’s a great time to recruit – people are unusually fired up.

I see the Group captains gently urging on the PCP’s, remembering that we’re all volunteers, collecting information on the important issues, and setting up small events like group calling, call training, etc.

I see the HD38 executives, Chairman, first and second VC’s, and Treasurer keeping track of the contacts one level up, from the group captains, organizing meetings and training sessions, and maintaining the website, or finding people to do so. And of course, there are the voter guides to get out every two years.

Overall, it’s important to keep bite-sized pieces, to ask for levels of involvement that people can commit to, and to build the community while we can do it. With greater resources, and more volunteers, we can expand our involvement.

2nd Vice Chair
Tom Oriel My name is Tom Oriel and I am running for 2nd Vice Chair of Colorado House District 38. I live in Homestead Farm II (Precinct 219) with my wife and children. I am an IT Manager at a company located in the Denver Tech Center.

We moved to Centennial in 2006 after having lived in several parts of the Country. I have been actively following politics since 1990 when I cheered for Harvey Gantt but watched him lose to Jesse Helms. I learned quickly that for all the highs there would be just as many lows.

I have always been more focused on National politics even while the phrase “all politics is local” had a solid place in the back of my mind. In 2006 I partnered with someone who ran the Democratic Convention Watch website. We increased visits to the site to have a national presence. We maintained the go-to list of superdelegates and watched as they gradually switched allegiance to Barack Obama.

The crushing results of the 2016 election gave me a newfound energy to be more active. I came to the realization that my work would be much better spent focused locally. To fight Donald Trump, we need to win the House. To win the House we need to defeat Mike Coffman. To beat Mike Coffman, we need to organize locally down to the precinct level.

There is an energy right now that needs to be harnessed. We need to reach out to everyone that is disheartened by what has become of our government. My focus as 2nd Vice Chair will be to expand our district’s Internet presence. We can utilize tools to better inform the voters of the 38th District as well as helping activists organize.

I am currently working on the HD38 website and Facebook pages. The features I’m adding will make a more interactive experience for our visitors. Since I began the updates, the number of engagements with our Facebook followers has grown by over 1000%.

My goal is to make the House District 38 Democrats a model for all districts in the state.

If elected I will do everything I can to continue to grow our outreach to HD38 voters. Please vote for me at the Arapahoe County Democrats Re-Org meeting on February 13, 2017.

Rex Sabotnik Fellow House District 38 Democrats, my name is Rex Sabotnik and I have announced my candidacy for re-election to the position of Treasurer in HD38. I have been a life-long Democrat and active in the Boulder, Denver and Arapahoe county Dems. Having served a number of terms as a PCP and Group Captain, I would like to continue to serve as part of the HD38 leadership team and ask for your vote at the Arapahoe County Central Committee meeting on Monday, February 13.
My roots in Colorado run deep and include both BA and MBA degrees from the University of Colorado where I remain active as an advocate for CU and higher education in Colorado. My professional background includes military service in U.S. Army components as well as the Colorado National Guard. I am currently retired after a career in Transportation & Logistics management. My wife Cindy and I have two grown daughters and have lived in Centennial for over 20 years.
Politically, I seek to promote an equitable and progressive government at all levels, by electing Democrats all the way up the ticket from HD38 to the presidency. We can play a vital role by Recruiting, Organizing, Mobilizing and Empowering Dems within our precincts.
While the position of HD38 Treasurer does not specifically include managing the district’s finances, the role does involve working with the Arapahoe County leadership team including the county’s Treasurer. Once the county officers are in place after the re-organization elections, if elected, I will work with them to secure financial commitments to support HD38 activities including caucuses and candidates.
Even more importantly, as Treasurer I would continue to serve as a member of the HD38 leadership team. I believe my experience as a PCP, Group Captain and Treasurer would provide continuity to the HD38 leadership. Like all elected officers, the Treasurer is responsible for working with house democrats at the precinct level to develop an action plan that will support the important goal of nominating and electing a democrat to represent HD38 in the state legislature. Fundamentally, I believe that in order to succeed, our plan must embrace and expand our volunteer base by getting to know our fellow Democrats in each precinct and by understanding their priority concerns, skills and volunteer activity preferences. In order to be successful in this effort, HD38 leadership must Empower our PCPs with training, voter lists, turf maps, volunteer forms and guidance to maximize their efforts.
I ask for your vote on at the Central Committee Reorganization meeting on Monday, Feb. 13th. Together, we can mobilize the voters in HD38 to elect democrats up and down the ticket.
Connie Jane Foster About me:

  • Littleton resident for more than 30 years
  • career educator, now retired
    • theater director and teacher
    • school librarian
    • assistant principal
  • progressive democrat
  • married 40 years


  • organization
  • motivation
  • information searches/research
  • writing/language
  • interpersonal and public speaking

How I see the position of HD38 Secretary

This position has been previously undefined.  I am in favor of position descriptions for each of the HD 38 positions.

  • strategic planning with HD38 team
  • record, distribute, archive meeting minutes
  • receptor and coordinator of volunteer data