The last mile

We’ve all worked so hard and (thank goodness) election day is almost here.

Your help this week will make all the difference!

Here’s How We Win:

1. Contact a campaign right now and tell them you can help! You can knock on some doors, phone targeted voters, or help in other ways.

2. Text people to vote. The Hustle texting app makes it easy to send personalized reminder texts to voters in your area. You can even do this in front of the television! To get set up, send email to and include your own mobile phone number.

3. Put your name in now to protect the vote on election day. Become an Election Watcher. It’s critical work, and the party needs to hear from you ahead of time so they can put you on the official list. (There’s a history of Republicans trying to discourage in-person voting at certain polling locations. Don’t let them get away with it this time.)

4. Make sure all your friends vote with this simple tool that’s also a game. Go to and click on the square for either the Phil Weiser campaign or the Colorado Democrats.

5. Tell EVERYONE to VOTE DEM FROM THE BOTTOM UP! Don’t skip any race! The power to change things starts locally.

6. Remind people about the ballot initiatives! Recommendations:

ballot initiatives