As we enter 2018 with full force, think about this for a second: Recently, Douglas County Police Officers arrived on scene at an apartment complex just outside of HD 38 (it may actually be within the district) in response to a disturbance call. The suspect was heavily armed and intended to ambush the officers. What transpired is truly horrific, resulting in the death of Officer Zack Parrish. Four other officers were shot. According to accounts, one of the officers was shot trying to pull Officer Parrish out of the gunfire. Due to the amount of blood loss from both officers, he was not able to get enough grip on Officer Parrish to pull him to safety. Can you imagine the mental anguish that the officer must be experiencing? Feeling of shame, guilt, or taking blame?

Then ask yourself this, why in any world, regardless of political position, would a legislator vote NO on Mental Health Support for Peace Officers?

Beckman voted NO! The below bill passed the House 51-8, the Senate 27-8, and became law. What reason would she have to vote no?

Again, WHY!! There is literally no reason to not support this bill.

Bill HB17-1215 encourages each sheriff’s office and each municipal police department to adopt a policy whereby mental health professionals provide: On-scene response services to support officers’ handling of persons with mental health disorders; and Counseling services to officers. The bill creates the peace officers mental health support grant program to provide grants of money to county sheriffs’ offices and municipal police departments to help them engage mental health professionals. Each sheriff’s office and each municipal police department is encouraged to apply annually for a grant from the grant program. The bill creates the peace officers mental health support fund, which consists of gifts, grants, and donations and any other money that the general assembly may appropriate or transfer to the fund. The grant program repeals September 1, 2027. The bill passed the House 51-8.

Beckman voted NO


Research Credit: Robert Bowen