I know it’s hard to get psyched about taxes, but this tax bill will not only throw us into another recession a la Bush trickle-down, it will defund Obamacare. Really. Again. 13 million people will lose their health insurance. Including, probably, moi.

Call 855-980-2350: This will connect you directly to your member of Congress. (It will also, if you like, opt you in for action alerts.) Tell them to stop the Trump Tax Scam.

To sum up the Trump Tax Scam as it now stands:
1. Millionaires and billionaires get an immediate $50 billion tax cut next year.
2. Corporations get a permanent tax cut worth trillions.
3. 13 million people lose their health insurance.
4. Teachers pay more for school supplies, patients pay more for lifesaving medical devices, and businesses that hire veterans lose tax benefits. See all the tradeoffs the GOP wants us to make here.
5. Jody again: They left out the impact on our kids. Someone’s going to get the tab for these cuts—either we’ll pay through chopping of public programs, or our kids will pay with higher taxes when bridges and roads fall apart.

Indivisible: The GOP is making a HUGE gamble right now. Their donors are demanding action on the tax scam. Our pressure is the biggest thing standing in their way, and we’re forcing them to take desperate measures. This is one bet we can make sure does NOT pay off.
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