Recently I received an unusual email from a newsletter that typically shares local events, like fireworks and ballroom dancing lessons.

This time, it shared just one thing: a reprint of Republican Colorado HD38 Representative Susan Beckman’s call to visit, which, she said, was a nonpartisan site created with “one purpose in mind: to let you know who the good guys are.”

The site copy claims it is nonpartisan, and that it was developed through “grassroots” research and “crowdsourcing.”

But a Google search for the site shows this site description: “If you’re a Republican, a conservative, or a person who cares about school choice, find out who to vote for on your 2017 ballot here.” Google posted the hidden description—this copy isn’t anywhere on the site itself or in its promotion.

This Trump/DeVos candidate-supporting site is being shared as “nonpartisan” just as last-minute ballots are being filled out.

BE AWARE and SPREAD THE WORD! Find trustworthy candidate info here: and here:

Documentation here:

  • Susan Beckman email
  • Google search
  • Home page of the site
  • Tea Party “principles” page (Notice the discrepancy between how it describes its principles, and what they actually say.)
  • List of recommended candidates and affiliations
  • Research on two school board races