CDP Chair Morgan Carroll scored 30 days of free use of HUSTLE. We’re using it to text out the vote.

Please sign up here:
Provide your name, email and cell number and the county you’d like to text in and a profile will be set up for you (allow turn around 24 hours). You’ll then get an alert to download the HUSTLE app. You can also use the HUSTLE web portal too but you need to d/l the app to get fully set up.
You can then start texting voters with pre-loaded texts and simply swipe from one voter to the next!

If you don’t have a specific priority, these counties need our help the most (and were the only ones requesting our help before anybody gets their knickers in a twist! Also, if anyone thinks this is a BIG MISTAKE, as one volunteer unhelpfully pointed out bc it pisses people off even more than phone calls and knocks, then shut up and go canvassing but don’t just complain and do nothing :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry, not sorry :slightly_smiling_face:)))))
Aurora (Arapahoe)
Douglas County School Board
Jefferson County School Board
Westminster/ Thornton
Elizabeth School Board

Please also share FAR AND WIDE with everyone everywhere. If some one has an out of area area code, the app will assign a local number so everyone can text!
More info @
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October 27, 2017 at 09:08PM