I posted this in DemEnterOpen. I am re-posting it here because the Centrist Project is targeting Colorado this year in the November local elections.
As Political Director for DemEnter, I deleted a post here about the Centrist Project, because it’s a propaganda arm of the Establishment Far Right. It’s designed to split the political Left, with a combination of high minded rhetoric at times, and dirty fake news. It’s funding comes from Republican elitists such as the Mercer Family. They target Purple States, working to split the Left/moderate vote in order to win elections with a plurality. Please do your due diligence. Check with me or other Admins. if you have questions or information that can help and is informative, please send it to me or other Admins in a private message. Unfortunately, some on the Left have already succumbed to their financial support, If you see anyone else on FB promoting The Centrist Project, please tell them they are a Trojan Horse.
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September 08, 2017 at 11:31PM