Central to House District 38 Democrats’ vision and strategy is to elect a Democrat to Colorado State House Representative of HD 38 in 2018.  Until then, we have Susan Beckman at the helm; alas, it is up to us to keep a watchful eye on all of the votes that she casts between now and the mid-terms.

With all of turmoil coming out of the White House and D.C. these days, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that our local representatives play a critical role in endorsing policies that may echo legislation at the national level.

In October 2016, when Beckman was still a candidate, she was interviewed by the Centennial Citizen regarding her position on several issues.  When asked “What issue most deserves more attention during the 2017 session than it saw in 2016? Explain why,” Beckman responded with the following:

“Reducing overregulation and over-legislating. With over 500 pieces of legislation introduced each year, every year, significant compliance requirements, additional red tape and burdensome regulations are passed down to individuals, local communities and business. I have seen what burdensome regulation does to local government and businesses. It leaves a trail of lost time, lost opportunities and lost revenue in its wake. Colorado needs strategic reform to reduce unnecessary and unfunded mandates for local government and businesses.”

For anyone who has been paying attention to the rhetoric coming out of Washington D.C., these words should sound familiar.

For example, Beckman openly states supporting the pull back of Medicaid expansion in Colorado and repealing other healthcare regulations that mirror the Affordable Care Act.

According to her website,

“The cost of healthcare is spiraling out of control, and single-payer proposals, such as Amendment 69, are not the solution. We have seen the cost of the care increase, and the cost of health insurance policies and high deductibles have made quality care difficult for the average person.
To add to this, more of the State General Fund budget is going to fund Medicaid. Ten years ago, one in 12 Coloradans was enrolled in Medicaid, today it’s one in four. These skyrocketing general fund expenditures take away from much needed funding for infrastructure, safety related transportation projects and education.
Additional growth of Medicaid will not solve our problems. As the economy improves we need to pull back entitlement funding and support free market solutions to meet consumer demand.”

If you put this in the context with the fact that Susan Beckman in on the Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee, she gets first look at all bills related to these issues.  While Democrats have the majority in Colorado, her position and authority should not be underestimated.

Pushing back and resisting Susan Beckman, just as we would with Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman, is something we can do regularly to promote HD38’s efforts leading up to 2018.

So keep an eye out for HD 38’s #BeckmanWatch and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.