Join House District 38 Democrats in welcoming guest speaker Mike Johnston on April 13, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Prince of Peach Church, 7000 S Windermere St, Littleton, CO 80120. This will be the first HD 38 meeting since the re-organization in early February.

We are please to announce that Mike Johnston will be joining us and delivering a brief message during the HD 38 monthly meeting.  Mike kicked off his campaign for Colorado Governor in January 2017, but has already achieved notable success in various political arenas throughout his career.  Before serving two terms in the Colorado State senate, he worked as a public school teacher in one of Mississippi’s most impoverished counties and then a public school principal in a juvenile detention center and a high-needs district north of Denver.

He takes pride in pursuing community centered policies, including progressive legislation geared towards immigration, education, business development, and stopping racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.

I have not had the chance to meet Mike in person, but I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at the Arapahoe County re-organization meeting and was impressed by what appeared to be a fresh, innovative, and progressive approach to running for governor and state politics.

If you are looking for a couple of good reasons to start getting involved in the 2018 gubernatorial election, a recent CBS 4 Denver article reports that 2018 will be “the first governor’s race in 20 years…where there will be competitive primaries on both sides”  and “is also significant because the party in power will lead the redrawing of Congressional districts – which remain in place for 10 years – and will also appoint a new state supreme court justice.”

Elections in 2018, across the board, are high stakes and will have a lasting impact at the local, state, and national levels for years to come.  As Democrats, this is our opportunity to  begin correcting course and taking a stand against policies that are fundamentally in opposition to ours.  Mike Johnston’s campaign issues, as indicated on his website,  are things that we should all embrace as Democrats, so come join us on  April 18th to hear what he has to say.  There will be a 10-15 minute question and answer session after he is finished speaking.

Mike Johnston’s website

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