As many of you know, the Arapahoe County re-organization meeting took place in early February, part of which,  was the voting in of new officers to House District 38.  Since the re-org meeting, the new officers and other volunteers have held several strategy and planning meetings to determine the direction that we as HD 38 Democrats want to pursue in the coming weeks and months, and not least, leading up to the mid-term elections in 2018.

Currently, the officers and precinct Group Captains are reaching out to all of those who have  volunteered to serve as a Precinct Committee Person, or PCP, to establish whether or not these individuals still want to be a PCP, what their strengths are in terms of being comfortable making phone calls, knocking on doors, hosting events, etc.  One of the priorities of the HD 38 officers is to provide a party platform that exists for the people, and not the other way around.  While we have not yet finalized our general vision and strategy, except of  course turning HD 38 blue in 2018, one thing we feel strongly about is being Democrats 24/7 and not only during the weeks leading up to an  election.  Being a liberal/progressive/democrat is a way of life and must be fostered through developing a sense of community and support for one another during the trying times of life; both politically and in everyday life.

It will take a little while to figure out where all of the volunteers stand throughout HD 38, but here are a few things we have done since the re-org to better serve the HD 38 Dems, progressives, and even those on the other side of the political spectrum:

  1. The HD Officers have met three times since early February to develop a specific strategy and vision for better facilitating volunteers and providing the necessary resources for reaching out to our neighbors and building momentum through a sense of community and support.
  2. The HD 38 Officers have been in close communication with the newly elected officers of the Araphoe County Democratic Committee to find ways to assist each other in our shared goals, while also coming up with ways in which the county can be more of a source of support for HD 38’s activities.
  3. The HD 38 Precinct Committee People Group Captains held their first planning meeting this past Sunday, which resulted in some great ideas for how to provide better opportunities for members of the community to engage with HD 38 as volunteers, as well as how to be more supportive of our PCPs through active engagement, support, and providing everything they need to be effective volunteers who are driving the Democratic vision from the ground up.  This includes task specific volunteer sub committees, as well as customized mechanisms for PCPs and Group Captains to obtain the resources they need, working within specific goals and objectives, and doing what is necessary to turn HD 38 blue in 2018.
  4. The HD 38 Officers have developed a fresh new website with tons of great information and resources for members of the community, including info on how to get involved, tracking legislation (coming soon), an events calendar, precinct maps, and more.  Check it out!!  There is also a lot of useful activity on the HD 38 Facebook page.
  5. Finally, HD 38 is actively engaging other local activist and political organization to have an even greater impact the positions that our legislators and members of congress make under the Trump administration.  This collaboration will be essential for reaching all of the registered democrats and unaffiliated voters (and even some registered Republicans) between now and the midterms.  It will take an army of people for victory in 2018, and the HD 38 Officers will do everything in their power to make this a reality.

While we are in the early phases of the post-2016 era, there is a lot that must be accomplished early on.   We cannot wait until the last minute before the mid term elections to try and turn out voters, this is a process the must start now.  The momentum is there and the political energy with people across the district and beyond is absolutely palpable and encouraging.

This blog will be a central source for updating all of our volunteers, community members, and those seeking information on the happenings of HD 38 Democrats.  We aim to be fully transparent and provide a record of our activities in order for you to hold us accountable.  So stay tuned and please, get involved, even in the smallest of ways.  If you would like to join HD 38’s efforts, contact us here and one of the officers will get back to you immediately.

Until next time,


Chris Puder

1st Vice Chair, HD 38 Democrats.