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HD38 Meeting with Noel Ginsburg and Morgan Carroll

Thursday, February 8 from 6:30 PM to 8:30PM.

The January meeting was attended by almost 130 people! Help us get the February meeting to standing room only. Please invite a friend or neighbor from the district to attend. This is a great way to show the citizens of HD 38 that great things are happening!

This is our last meeting before the March 6th Caucus!

Please donate to HD38 and the Arapahoe Dems. Be sure to add $.38 to your donation so we know where you’re from!

Find your precinct and district number then go to our Volunteer page to get involved.

One of our biggest priorities is to make the election process more transparent and easier to understand. If you’re just starting out or have some questions, go to our Politics 101 page.

If there were ever a time to test the waters of local political activism, it is now. Please send us a message if you want to see what getting involved means. We will contact you ASAP and let you know the huge variety of ways you can help turn the tide for House District 38, Colorado, and beyond. 2018 is not that far away, we are organizing now, and ready for the fight.