We’re in the home stretch!

Updated guide: Here’s How We Win
The six things you can do to make it happen

What else is new in October 2018

  • We have posted a guide to the 13 statewide ballot measures here.
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  • Voter Guide flyers are available now for placing on doors. Send us an email if you can help distribute them before October 22.
  • There are additional flyers on the toolkits page that you can print at home and take around your precinct when you go door-knocking.
  • The updated candidates page is a great resource for learning about all the Democrats who will appear on your ballot if you live in HD38. Share this link with friends and neighbors!
  • You can download the comprehensive HD38 voting guide here.
  • There are a lot of new items on the events calendar.

Find your precinct and district number then go to our Volunteer page to get involved.

HD38 2018 Democratic Candidate: Chris Kolker

Local elections MATTER. Our representatives in the Colorado Legislature have a much bigger impact on our daily lives than what happens in Washington, especially on key issues like gun safety, protection  of our planet and our civil rights, education, health care and infrastructure/growth.

If there were ever a time to test the waters of local political activism, it is now. Please send us a message for ideas–there’s work for everyone, from writing postcards to entering data to designing flyers to having parties to voter registration to voter turnout.  2018 is here, we are organizing now, and ready for the fight.

HD38 is the little district that could. Look what we just did! Highest turnout of all districts in Arapahoe County for the County Canvass Kick-off.

county canvass kickoff july 7

Join in! Remember: Every Candidate Counts! An unchecked ballot box is a vote for the radical right. In 2016, our district voted for Clinton…and a far right state representative. Most of HD38 is not far right…our current representation is WRONG.

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